1 Minute Plank is Equivalent to How Many Push-ups


1-minute plank is equal to 30 push-ups.

1-minute plank is equal to 30 push-ups

The number of push-ups you can do in one minute is equivalent to how many 1-minute planks you can do.

  • One push-up requires about 30 seconds of effort, so multiply this by three and you get 120 seconds of plank time.
  • To perform 100 push-ups would take 3 minutes, which is equivalent to 100 seconds of plank time (since each set takes one minute). You could also do 10 sets if desired!

1 minute plank is equivalent to 30 push-ups

You can do push-ups anywhere, but to get a full-body workout you have to do plank exercises. Plank is a core exercise that works your abs and lower back muscles.

The plank exercise is a static position that involves holding onto an object for as long as possible without moving from the position or letting go of the object. It’s similar to the traditional push-up in that it uses your entire body weight as resistance, but unlike traditional push-ups where you’re using your upper body only (arms), this exercise uses both arms and legs equally so that each muscle group gets worked out equally well during the allotted minute period.-[6]


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