YouTube serves as a conductive platform to use and create content. The YouTubers provide relevant content, and YouTube pays them.  

When does YouTube start paying the user?

Advertisers pay for the slots of the preview of the video, a percentage of which is shared between the user and YouTube. For making money through your content on YouTube, specific rules and guidelines are to be followed that come under ‘YouTube Monetization’.

  • 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months.
  • At least 1000 subscribers on your channel.
  • Follow all YouTube monetization policies.
  • Having an AdSense account.

Choosing YouTube as a source of income has been unpredictable, unreliable, and unprevented due to various factors. The content created is shared not only with appropriate viewers but also according to the demands of advertisers and their priorities.

Role of several ‘Views’ on YouTube in earning money?

Content creators reach a state where millions of viewers appreciate their videos, and they earn a tremendous amount of money with the abundance of fame.

How do these ‘views’ help them to get wealthy? As mentioned, the content creators, or the YouTubers, are paid for the slots while previewing the view. They are paid for the amounts of clicks on the ad.

The process of the payment goes as given:

Advertiser – YouTube – User

The number of clicks on the ad is directly proportional to the number of views. So, more views mean more money.

CPM (Cost Per Mille) is the amount of revenue an advertiser pays the user for every one thousand ad views. And here is an important fact, according to the experts, the payment varies for the number of clicks on the ad for a video, but the average a user can get is around $18 /1000 ad views.

How to get more views on your videos?

There are certain things that a user can implement in their content and make their channel worth watching.

First and foremost, a user can create appealing content that would attract viewers, and they would want to watch it.

Next, they can promote their channel and videos through their social media accounts and ask their followers to share the video with many people.

They should make sure their content is not copied and is authentic.

Use good graphics and quality tools to create your content.

There are many more ways to increase the number of views on their channel. Acknowledging your audience type is considered.

 What do 10 million Views mean on YouTube Money?

Ten million is a huge number; getting this many views means your video reaches many people and is being shared. 

The more people watch your video, the more chances they have to click on the ad button. And more clicks on the ad button automatically turn out to be great for the user’s revenue.

The amount paid to the user depends on the niche in which the content has been created. For example, a gaming YouTuber receives $4 for gaming videos, which differs from the amount paid to other content creators.

If a YouTuber has 10 million views, they can earn around $7000. It depends on the niche, content, and ads displayed in the preview. 

For example, in India, for a million views, the user creating comedy content is paid around Rs.22,000 to Rs.30,000; for gaming, the users are paid about 10,000 to 15,000.

Do more views always mean more money?

This is only sometimes the case, but most of the time, the number of views contributes to earning through YouTube.

When the views are more, but there are fewer clicks and no ad previews, there are low chances of earning through YouTube.  

 There are some advanced features where the viewers use ad blockers and skip the ads. Skipping the ad lowers the clicking rate 

but blocking ads can eliminate the chances of earning through ads.

To conclude we can say that the amount of money a user can make through YouTube is by more CPC, which means ‘cost per click’, which is dependent on the number of views on the video. It is all about more clicks on the ad. 

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