8 Reasons Why You Should Try Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Hair on our body has various purposes. Our body is covered with hair all over, which not just boosts our confidence but also increases our self-esteem. Hair is a man’s pride and a neighbor’s envy (one who has a receding hairline). Your hair defines your looks and makes you appealing and charismatic. Scalp micro pigmentation is a way out for everyone, be it a male or a female, facing hair issues, to have their looks and charisma back.

What is this procedure?

Scalp micro pigmentation gives you a newer, appealing look and is life-altering for people who have lost all hope with regard to their hair. As the name suggests, very tiny or micro pigments of color are added to the scalp to give it a fuller look. It helps give the appearance of a shaved head or a fresh buzz cut.

It’s not a hair transplant or hair regrowth treatment but a natural-looking substitute, a cosmetic treatment that helps conceal the damage to the hair. Tiny pigments of ink are injected into the scalp in a pattern to assign a suitable look. The dots are variable, as per their size, the angle of the injection, and the required depth.

Who can get it?

Scalp micro pigmentation is a perfect procedure for anyone suffering extensive hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy, hormonal imbalance issues, hair thinning issues, scarring caused due to previous surgeries, hair transplant issues, and aging. Also known as hair tattoo in layman’s language, this procedure doesn’t help in hair regrowth but permanently covers up the bald patches or scalp see-through on the head.

Why is it required?

1.   Non-invasive

The scalp micro pigmentation procedure is not a surgery. No anesthesia is required in this. The whole procedure just takes somewhere between three to five hours. As the needles used are very thin and tiny, it’s completely painless. At the most, you feel a tiny prick, just like with an acupuncture needle.


2.   Pocket-friendly

The scalp micro pigmentation technique goes easy on your pockets and lays no pressure on the wallet. The only costs after the treatment are the aftercare costs which are way cheaper than the hair loss treatments. It’s the easiest, quickest and effortless treatment. Scalp micro pigmentation costs are not covered under medical insurance as it’s a cosmetic procedure but still costs just a fraction of what other procedures require. It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and is affordable for everyone.

3.   Cosmetic Replication

This cheap, pocket-friendly procedure is a cosmetic replication for all sorts of hair loss. Scalp micro pigmentation works fine for all sorts of hairstyles and is a welcome change for all those who don’t want to get under the knife for a charming and captivating look. You are just ever ready and soothingly presentable with this cosmetic replication that helps you get a realistic look.

4.   Permanent Solution

With the non-invasive techniques and modern software making things almost painless and quick, the scalp micro pigmentation procedure lasts longer and requires no visits to the clinic before 4 to 6 years. Even touch-ups aren’t required, nor does the ink fade, just like with normal tattoos. This might make you a little uncomfortable during the procedure, but none is experienced afterward.

5.   Enhances Looks

The scalp micro pigmentation helps you get the look you want. After suffering from hair loss, a person goes through mental trauma and just isn’t left with enough courage to face the world. SMP helps get that confidence back. No matter what your actual age, people consider you old and unattractive with thinned-out hair or balding patches. Getting SMP helps you get your youth back with style and sex appeal.

6.   Quick Recovery

As the scalp micro pigmentation procedure is minimally invasive, it requires almost negligible or no amount of time for recuperation. You are good to go, just like any normal person, immediately after the procedure. The only unnatural thing after the procedure would be little red rashes on the head. You can always cover your head with a hat or a cap until the rashes are gone completely.


7.   Easy Maintenance

The scalp micro pigmentation technique requires no upkeep. It comes with easy or no maintenance. You might have to be extra cautious regarding exposure immediately after the treatment, sweating, wet scalp, or heavy exercise. You must consult your specialist in case of any discharge, nausea, fever, or excessive redness for long or swell on the scalp or face. You save hugely from investing in expensive hair care products or hair dyes for that captivating appearance.

8.   Safe

The ingredients of the pigmentation are completely natural and plant-based. It’s just a camouflage for the disappearing hairline; therefore, it is very realistic and is a safer option than hair transplants that involve a lot of chemicals. Scalp micro pigmentation is non-toxic, and you are ready to rock the world as soon as you are out of the clinic, feeling anew.


Wrapping Up!!

Scalp micro pigmentation not only gives you a youthful and fuller look but also has umpteen other benefits that can’t be overlooked while choosing the best alternative from among its contemporaries. If this blog has proved to be a good read and an excellent guide for you to choose from, CONTACT US!!

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