Get to Know About Management Skills for Teams and Individuals

Get to Know About Management Skills for Teams and Individuals

Organizational performance is influenced by how individuals and teams are managed and led. Effective team and individual management can be noticed in the accomplishment stories of an institution. Therefore, managers should be watchful in their way of handling individuals and teams for finer outcomes.

When managing individual and team performance within the complexities of a management role, a holistic approach is required in setting performance metrics. This will highlight an organizational culture based on learning and achieving peak performance, along with the crucial links between individual and team performance.

Hence, managing a team and individuals isn’t always an easy task. To achieve an efficient manager’s reputation, experience and skillful implementations are needed.

Listed below are some tips on how to manage effectively;

  1. Transparency is the key

Transparency along with accountability is the key to playing the role of a successful manager. People get more comfortable with ‘natural’ behavior rather than the ‘superhuman’ actions. Showing a human side and setting the trend of accepting mistakes can help a manager truly connect with his team members.

Moreover, other than the manager’s transparency, the trait is required among team members too. When all team members work transparently by establishing their clear roles, then the results come out on time with 100 percent accuracy.

  1. Be sure to keep the lines of communication open

Making Yourself always accessible to your team members is the crucial step to take, for effective team management. Further, keeping the communication line open, not only with you but also among the team members will enable them to ‘say it all.’As a result, this will form a link for sharing information such as ongoing projects, deadlines, goals, progress, etc.

Certain communication tools like Slack and Google Hangouts can also help in this context.

  1. Constant feedback provision

‘Development’ and ‘Growth’ of both individuals and teams are highly dependent on their managers’ feedback. Managers should keep checking their teams on regular basis, as well as give their true remarks instantly. Healthy criticism is a way to success and also helps in reducing the rate of mistakes.

  1. Establishing a positive working relationship

Keeping the environment positive, is one of the most important things a manager should always do. It is important to establish a personal (up to some extent) link with your all team members, other than the professional level. For instance, how your team members are doing? What is their emotional status? How’s their personal life going? Etc.

  1. Take decisive action

A good manager is when he knows what decision is best for his team at the moment. Moreover, when he knows what he should stick to and what he should not listen to. As in a role of leadership, there is no room for flakiness. Managing a team means knowing when to use authority and when to listen to others. Every single selection of a manager highly affects the performance of his team members collectively.

  1. Acknowledgement of good performance

Another productive trait of a manager is that he should also acknowledge the good performance of his team members. Giving positive feedback is equally important as healthy criticism. It’s human psychology to work more actively after getting positive remarks.

Furthermore, when a staff member receives positive feedback in front of others, he will be more vigilant in the future. team members will also try to work hard for such appreciation in coming projects. As a result, healthy competition will surely lead to successful outcomes.

  1. Delegating role to the correct person

One of the chief attributes of a manager is that he knows what part will be best played by whom. And this trait comes after knowing the members properly, that’s why regular channeling of communication is beneficial (trait discussed above). When a manager knows the true skills of his team members, he will assign the task accordingly.

As a result, the project’s result will shine among others. As it’s a proven fact that individuals perform better in the roles where they find truly skillful.

  1. Managing Conflicts skillfully

Leadership is not sustainable when one shouldn’t possess the quality of managing conflicts, whether they are among team members or with other teams. Moreover, managers should not avoid a single conflict without a solution as it’ll lead to a negative atmosphere.

Communication among staff members and productivity will get affected too. Whenever an issue gets raised, it should be addressed and resolved on the spot to avoid any negative impact and conspiracies.

  1. Be a role model

The performance of a team can be seen through the performance of its manager/leader. People look up to their leaders, always, and try to follow them in most cases. When a manager behaves professionally, like coming on time, working hard, meeting deadlines, respecting members, listening to suggestions, etc. the staff will be going to follow him.

So, a manager must keep checking his attitude before checking his team, to succeed in his career as well as to help in the team’s success.

  1. Trust the team members

There’s a slight line between guiding a team and imposing something over them. A skillful manager should know when to connect and guide his team and when to leave them on their skills. A manager is not someone who imposes ideas and thoughts rather he just helps in delivering skills truly.

In addition, when an organization hires someone, it means the person is matched to the position. So, nagging and feeding can block a person’s true potential.

Why is it important to manage teams and individuals?

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