Is there a flap in contoura vision?

Is there a flap in contura vision?

Contura LASIK Surgery is one of the surgeries used for vision correction. The FDA approves it. This surgery is based on cutting-edge innovation, which is commonly found in spectacle removal technologies. This surgery not only helps correct the power of the specs but also helps with any abnormalities in the cornea. This surgery also helps with the visual axis and delivers remarkable visual outcomes. 

It has helped many people see more clearly, even without needing glasses. Also, after this surgery, people experience less glare around the lights. Contura Vision Surgery delivers accurate measurements of 22,000 points, while other surgeries, such as LASIK, only measure about 200 points. This surgery helps detect even minor irregularities in the cornea’s curvature. 

This surgery has been proven more beneficial than the other existing surgeries, such as LASIK, which are considered wavefront-guided. This treatment is also considered to be highly personalized with high precision of the topography evaluations. These are the factors that make this surgery the perfect option for the correction of refractive errors. This surgery helps people get rid of glasses or contact lenses to gain sharp vision.

The procedure of the Contoura Vision Surgery

At the beginning of the surgery, the first clinical examination takes, including a comprehensive preliminary assessment. The clinical examination with a corneal topography, also known as Pentacam, is critical to derive the patient’s eligibility for surgery and ensure whether the procedure is safe for the patient or not. During the clinical examination, if the patient has any retinal defects in the evaluation process, they must go through barrage laser surgery first. After this surgery, the patient is eligible for a Contoura Vision Surgery (for more:

Then the day of the surgery, the surgeon who will perform the surgery will collect the topographic imagery of the patient eye. This collected imagery is then sent to the planning station to develop a personalized treatment for every patient. In this surgery, a laser is used to adjust the vision; it is done by reshaping the cornea accurately by 22,000 points. The personalized topography profile for each patient heavily guides this treatment.

After the completion of the procedure, the patient is free to leave the hospital in 30 minutes. Patients are given certain eye drops in medications to avoid any infection, and these drops also help in the healing process. There is also an evaluation of the patient the day following the surgery, and also these evaluations take place one week and one month after the surgery.

Eligibility for the Contoura Vision Surgery

Not everyone can have contura vision surgery, as there can be some complications if you are not eligible. A specialist doctor will always perform the surgery after checking the patient’s health history to examine the patient’s eligibility. Every patient must check their eye condition and then be recommended a treatment procedure. This is important to provide the patient with the necessary treatment and achieve the expected outcome.

The specific conditions for any patient to go through the Contoura Vision Surgery are very simple, they should be at least 18 years older, and their cornea should not be very thin. The patient should have a consistent prescription for 3D cycle power or eyewear. Also, their spherical power should not be larger than 8D and should not have any significant corneal pathology.

Also, the Contoura Vision Surgery will require a flap. This surgery does not offer a minimal invasive flap-free experience like other surgeries, such as SMILE Contoura Vision Surgery is getting popular by the day among people worldwide. The reasons are simple it is painless, quick, help in gaining eyesight better than ever in a short period, and it’s same-day surgery.

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